Oriental Japan, Speed Control Motors

Essence offers Oriental-Japan make High-efficiency brushless DC motors achieve high output in a compact body while embodying high-speed operation, wide speed-control range and constant torque characteristics from low speed to high speed. AC input and DC input types are available.

 AC Input
      BLF Series
      BLU Series
      DC Input
       BLH Series

Speed Control Systems
Speed Control Systems allow you to easily set and adjust the speed of a motor. The control system consists of a speed feedback system, a motor, a driver (or speed controller) and a speed setting device. The more for the speed control system is either a Brushless Motor or an AC Motor.

Brushless Motor Systems

Brushless motors provide energy savings. Since the efficiency is higher than for an inverter-driven three-phase motor, the electricity consumption is greatly reduced. In addition, brushless motors are smaller and more powerful than AC motors and save space. Brushless motors also provide constant torque from low speed to high speed.

Wide Speed Control Range

Because of the different motor structure and control method, the speed control range of the brushless motor is wider than that of the AC speed control motor. Thanks to its flat torque characteristics, the brushless motor can be used over the entire speed range from low to high, even when the load fluctuates.

Compact Yet Powerful

The compact yet powerful motor incorporates permanent magnets in the motor rotor. Compare with an AC motor having a frame size of 3.54 in. (90 mm), a brushless motor of the same specifications is 2.95 in. (75 mm) shorter and offers 1.3 times more output. The compact motor structure lets you downsize your equipment.

Excellent Speed Stability, Flat Torque

The specified speed is compare against the feedback signal to adjust the motor supply voltage and frequency, in order to stabilize the speed. This mechanism ensures that the motor drives at stable speed over its entire speed range from low to high, even when the load condition fluctuates.

Brushless Motor Systems:
Brushless motors provide energy savings, are compact and powerful. Brushless motors also provide constant torque over a wide speed range.

BX Series BX Series (AC Input)
High performance and functions
Speed, Positioning and Torque control
Vertical drive solution
Up to 400 W

BLF Series BLF Series (AC Input)
Wide range of functions
Detachable digital display / operator
Speed up to 4000 r/min
Up to 400 W

BLU Series BLU Series (AC Input)
Panel mount controller
Speed potentiometer control
Easy to use, connect
Up to 90 W

FBL II Series FBL II Series (AC Input)
Basic model

BLH Series
BLH Series (DC Input)
Compact board type driver
Full range of driver functions
Up to 100 W

AC Motor Systems:
AC speed control packages are simple to use. Oriental Motor offers four series of AC speed control packages. Each package is designed for optimum performance.

ES01/ES02 ES01/ES02 (AC Input)
Multi-Function controller
Simple wiring

US Series US Series (AC Input)
Panel mount controller
Speed potentiometer control
Easy connection

FE100/FE200 FE100/FE200 (AC Input)
Speed setting digitally displayed
Speed potentiometer control
Easy connection

BHF Series
BHF Series (AC Input)
Excellent speed stability
Smallest 200 W frame size available
200 W (1/4 HP)